Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Friggin FOCUS Woman!!!

Scott and I had a conversation this morning where I truly felt like he knew who I was. I think we were discussing what it would be like if I were to join an arobics class or something. How I probably couldn't survive. At first I was about to get mad, like "whaddya mean I wouldn't make it in an arobics class!!?? You callin me Fat or somethin!?" But that's not what he meant. He meant that I would probably stop in the middle and go chase a butterfly or stop to doodle stick figures in the dust on the window sill. I am easily distracted. So distracted that I don't even quite remember our conversation because I was most likely distracted by something else while we were talking.
(*side note: in the middle of writing this.. I.. guess what?.. got distracted and then went to lunch. Big shocker.*)

Anyways.. the point of this epiphany of mine is while trying hard to focus, I realized that my entire life is based on multi-tasking. It is in my blood. Very rarely am I just doing ONE thing. Like right now... I am typing, answering phones, looking up the correct spelling of "epiphany", playing with a paper clip, and pretending to look busy all at the same time! Before I cut the nasty smoking habit, you could very regularly find me in my car changing gears, smoking, singing, eating, steering, AND changing lanes. Now I just do all of those things minus the smoking. ;)
Dangerous? Probably.

Anywho.. this week's goal is to focus. (I start weekly goals on Wednesdays. Yah. Real affective.) Be it through meditation, starting a simple project.. whatever. I WILL try my hardest to concentrate and devote my attention to one thing at a time. Wish me luck!


  1. i would have to say doll that you are a classic case of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder..believe me hon...i know what your going through..every blessed day of my life. oh look..a shiny thing :)

  2. Sounds like my October post about the same thing, sort of. The mantra for October? "finish something for f*&$k's sake!" ha!