Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Was it head trauma??

Daniel Nevins. Nevens? Dan Nevins.??
About ten minutes ago, my brain alerted me of this name - Daniel Nevins. Yah, okay brain.. what about him? Wait.. who is he?? Leave me alone Daniel Nevins!!! What did I do to deserve being tormented by you!!??! I really just want to get back to reading my magazine! I tried to block it out.. but for some reason.. that name would not leave me alone until I Googled it. (Yes, Google has become the solution for everything. Especially lingering thoughts.)

A-HA! Sure enough, he does exist. Daniel Nevins!! I know now! He is the amazing artist whose paintings Scott and I ran across MONTHS ago, in Asheville. Should I give my brain a cookie or something? Or, should it be punished for taking nearly 2 months to remind me of this guy?! I mean, really, what's the hold up!!? Do I not give you plenty of green tea? Was it head trauma? Why do you just now decide to report to duty?! I am somewhat surprised that it resurfaced at all. Most of the time it just erases stuff clean without asking. Either way, thanks brain! - I owe ya one. (really, though, please try to be more prompt in the future)
Seriously, Daniel Nevin's paintings are beautiful! Definately, surely, positively, absolutely check them out. (before your brain deletes it)

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