Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Helllooooooo World!!!

I'm officially going to welcome myself back to the real world today!

Welcome Back, TRINA!!

Why, Thanks!

What a weekend. Seriously. Food, more food, family, Atlanta, Insane music competition, 3 sleepless nights, Chattanooga, laughing gas, alcohol, movies, oral surgery, house cleaning, and more food. It's beginnning to look a lot like Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I completely missed Black Friday. It is somewhat difficult to shop with no money. Did anyone else run across this particular dilema? Although, after talking with my friend, Mckenzie, I am somewhat relieved that I was too broke to shop. Her shopping experience was nothing short of disasterous. Apparently, Crowds + heat + skipping breakfast + excitement of shopping = McKenzie passing out in Wal-mart. After erupting in painful laughter, I felt sad that I had missed this moment in time. It could have been me though. Really. I do have a tendency to pass out at the most inconvenient of places. It's not a fun feeling. By the way, McKenzie, I am glad that you're okay. I was only sympathy-laughing at you. (hehehe. It's still kinda funny)

Anywho.. I am officially back to work today. For 2 days. Yes, then I'm off for another 4 days. But please, hold back the jealous thoughts and remember that I will be severely doped up and missing my two favorite wisdom teeth. They really are my favorites. Scott had two of his teeth removed yesterday. (yes, quite a ca-wink-ee-dink) He recooperated quite nicely.. even enjoyed beating me at Scrabble just a few hours afterwards. I said that the meds made him smarter, but really I let him win. ;)
I have a feeling that my surgery will not be quite as easy. I only have this feeling because everyone and their mother has reminded me of how terribly aweful it is to have your wisdom teeth yanked. Thank you, world, for making me more paranoid than usual. You will pay. :)

Oh! And just another quick reminder of just how crappy insurance is Scott (with NO insurance) had two teeth removed.. cost: $285.
Trina (With expensive medical and dental insurance) is having two teeth removed.. cost: $480. Please, someone, give me reasoning behind this. It makes me queezy. .(To check out more rants about crappy creepy insurance CLICK HERE!)

Yah, so... I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend... and please remember to remind me how bad my surgery will hurt.
Love, Trina

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