Monday, December 22, 2008

Have a Mice day!!

Funny tid-bit of info for the day... We now have mice in my office. But not your average, run-of-the-mill-cheese-eatin MICE. No, not here. We have FANCY mice. Our mice prefer Godiva Chocolate and Jelly Belly jelly beans, and that gourmet popcorn that you get on the holidays. Yes, our mice are spoiled. Remember that rant about the ten tons of candy that people pass out on the holidays? Ya, well, little old mouse-y decided to take care of all that sugary goodness for me. Thank you??? I do, probably, owe him a big fat thank you for that extra 10 pounds he probably just saved my hips. I prefer to NOT have little bitty rodents scurrying around behind my back, but if they're takin one for the team and eating all that crap for me... well, heck, I can't be too mad at em. Just please, stay out of site. (out of site, out of mind)

I do wonder how long those little mice and I have been sharing the same popcorn.

Ew. Nevermind.

AnyWHO.. the office has been TERRIBLY slow today, giving me time to even NOTICE that we have mice. It also gave me time to finish wrapping a few gifts, read the paper, catch up on my archeology news, organize 3 bags of beanie-babies that were donated (which was probably the most fun I'll have all week), and fiddle-faddle on the internet.(check out my internet shenanigans HERE)

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  1. Oh, so you mean the black stuff in the popcorn wasn't licorice bits?