Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anybody diggin the new background?

Yes. I do indeed have a life.

I have been slightly absent this week.. my thorough apologies. With the Holidays and the Birthdays and the parties and the 8-5 job; I can't quite keep up this week. (But somehow I still manage to save space in my schedule to hunt for blog backgrounds for unlimited amounts of time)

Anyways.. the birthday festivities were oh-so-fabulous-o. It's pretty much guaranteed good when there's bu-ku food and friends involoved. Plus there's photographic evidence that proves it was a good time. Coolest gift to date: would definately have to be my newly-renovated drum set. (My set was lacking a few "important" pieces... and Scott took care of it for me) So, look out Meg White. Trina's back in business.
Oh.. and by the way, COWORKERS, if I get one more box of chocolate or brownies or cookies or cupcakes or candy canes or any other form of pure sugar..... you will be paying my gym bill until next Christmas. It was nice and thoughtful the first oh, I don't know, 4 boxes of crap you left on my desk.. but seriously it's getting old. My dentist surely appreciates it though.. as I am convinced that he is paying you to leave this garbage for me, wrapped in beautiful red ribbon, stuffed with sparkling crinkled tissue paper. Even strangers insist I try their cookies.


Well.. maybe one more.

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  1. I so agree. All of this sweet stuff is starting to make me feel sluggish and gross. Blech.