Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The five year old Creepy Mc.Creepster

Me: "Do you (five year old boy) want to come back in our awesome play room for a little bit??!

Boy: "Do you have a computer?"

Me: "Yes, we have a computer and a Playstation, and movies, and lots and lots of games!"

Boy: "Is it a real computer?"

Me: "Yup. A real live computer!" (with a hint of sarcasm)

Boy: "Okay.. I'll come back." (Walks up to the computer) "I have to check my email"

Me: "Nope.. can't check your email. There's no internet on that computer. But there are lots and lots of games!"

Boy: "It appears that you do not have any of the games that I like."

Me: (remember.. this is a 5 year old) "Okay.. well.. what kinds of games DO you like??"
Boy: "Violent ones."

Me: (getting slightly creeped out) "Violent like... wrestling???? Football?? What kinda violent?"

Boy: "Violent like guns and killing people and blood. Those are the only games that I like. I like killing people."

Me: (officially creeped out) "Well.. you're right.. we don't have those games here.. because they are not suitable for children. You ARE a child, right!!?!" (I don't think I said that last part outloud.. but I sure was thinkin it)

Boy then proceeds to pull up Microsoft Word and types: "Hi welcome to the fake website i would like to play with you"

Me: "I think you should go sit out in the lobby with your mom"

*This dialogue does not give justice to how creepy this child was. No smiling. No expressions. Quite possibly the third or forth future serial killer that I've met while employed here.*

I. Love. My. Job.


  1. i have a simular kid..minus the creepy but everything else..dead on. just keep saying I love my job, I love my job...lol

  2. OMG, this is just scary. I deal with teenagers every day and they have never done anything as creepy as this five-year-old!

  3. So um ... that kid sounds really messed up. I feel bad saying that about a kid, but seriously, yikes.