Monday, November 24, 2008

You mean OTHER people will eat my cooking!!??!

So, I'm gonna cook a turkey. I shouldn't be afraid, right? I mean, it's only a dead bird. And, the other 47 side dishes? Not terrifiying at all.. right?
Um... so, yeah, needless to say I just spent the last hour researching "Thanksgiving meals for dummies"... because I do believe that book was intended for me. I have never cooked a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, or hell.. ANY meal where someone other than me and one other person would be eating. This should be....interesting.

The food, I can probably handle.. I mean, the internet provides numorous websites for the terrible chef. (such as I) The real problem I have is the lack of kitchen utensils for such a massive feast. Such as: Scott and I have 3 bowls, and one of those bowls is plastic. We have a small dinning room table, that seats four. (Current head count for "the big meal" is eight, by the way) Not to mention the fact that it is already MONDAY!!

When all is said and done, I am actually pretty darn excited to ruin my first Thanksgiving meal. I know that there will probably be shells in the deviled eggs, strange mushy stuff in the turkey, an un-cooked something-er-other, "blackened" biscuits, and chunky gravy.. buy hey, I bet it will be damn good... food poisoning and all!

Oh! And, in honor of turkey day.. I am reminded of one of my favorite episodes of Friends... Enjoy!

*UPDATE: I was just informed that I would most likely have to thaw this turkey prior to cooking it for oh.. about 6 hours... and I have been steadily researching local restaurants that provide whole smoked or fried turkeys. I'm all about that. A coworker reminded me that her Grandmother always undercooks the turkey on turkey day.. turning it into an ooey-gooey-grossness. I don't wanna be one of those Grandmas.


  1. I am so sure you'll do fine! Call me if you need help and don't forget the obligatory pictures with the turkey. ;))

  2. you can find an amazing recipe at martha i have used it for several years and it never fails. your turkey will come out golden brown..moist and your'll get high praises from your just need to invest in a bottle of while wine, butter and cheese cloth. if i find it on line..i'll send ya a link. i'm in canada..when's you turkey day?

  3. Hey girl! It's Schmockey!! Can't wait to hear how your dinner went. Love love LOVE to you!!! (Reebes is currently teaching me how to knit.)