Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eric's Planes

I was just recently made aware that one of my blog postings was viewed as extremely offensive. On my previous blog entitled The Exciting World of blogging, I made some not cool statements about the blog "Eric's Planes", and was promptly put in place by the loyal fans of Erics Planes. Although I, myself, am not very interested in paper airplanes, that does not take away from the talent that Eric has. My opinions are my own.. and I was just sharing them in cyberspace. The fact that Eric's blog was highlighted in Bloggers "Blog of Notes", says something about Eric's skills as a paper-air-plane-entrepreneur. Maybe I was in a foul mood that day, or maybe that's really how I feel.. but I should not have said it in that way. I would really like for Eric to know that he has some loyal fans, and that I am truly sorry for picking on him..


  1. Apology accepted (by one of Eric's readers).

  2. Oh my, who knew? What a flurry of excitement you must have caused, huh? Stop it! haha, just kidding. Happy Friday, sistah!!

  3. Thank you. You have gained my respect!