Monday, November 10, 2008

The exciting world of Blogging....

So, I spent this morning wandering through the "blog" world.. My mission: Find something interesting. I don't know if "interesting" would be the feeling that I came up with, but definately.... unique. The internet is full of strange and unusual people. Period. Here are some of the blog topics that I ran across today:

* A day-to-day blog of things found in pockets (yes, that's right, I said "pockets") Items included: smooshed cigarette pack, KFC wet napkin, miniature bobble-head Jesus.

* "Cheerful Scoop" was a pretty neat blog I ran across.. for those of you who are exhausted by the depressing day-to-day news.. this woman finds the feel good stories in the daily paper, and posts for all to see. By the way- Ebay is now banning all sales of Ivory! I learned from Cheerful Scoop that Ebay and other online auctions have been unknowingly helping the criminals sell products from endangered animals. It is a great day to be an elephant.

* "Hi, I'm Eric. And these are my planes." Here's me... Ooookkaaaayyy.???.. Yes, Eric does indeed have some planes... over 400 of them! Pretty cool, eh? Ya, if they weren't all completely made out of PAPER! Yes, there is in fact an entire blog devoted to these 400 paper air planes. Eric, please, please, please get a life. For anyone who doesn't believe that this site exists.. check it out here.

* Google Maps Mania. Yes, I too can admit that Google Maps is addicting, creepy, and pretty damn cool... BUT, seriously? This guy has an obsession. From tracking the Eastern Congo Conflict to watching a marathon to catching a Christmas parade all via Google Maps... Yes, I do believe that this guy needs some help.

* "The Science of Battlestar Galactica" Hmm.. oookkaayy.... sure... whatever floats yur boat..

* Oo! Also, did you know that there's an entire blog devoted to using the lowercase L. (A lowercase L looks an aweful lot like the letter I) Apparently, it really bugs the crap out of this chick.. but to me it was quite amusing. Example:
To check out more of these quirky mispellings.. CIICK HERE!

Blog-World.. thank you for making my Monday a little bit more tolerable. I owe ya one.


  1. Look at today's 'things found in pockets'. Seriously disturbing. I did around at thrift and craft blogs. So, so, so addicting!

  2. Hey, hundreds of people every day visit for their daily dose of fun and frivolity. You should be one of them, it may make you less bitter.

  3. So you don't find "Eric's Planes" blog interesting! Well I for one love it. What would I do without my little cyber space plane ride.

    The point is this: What some find interesting doesn't mean that all will find it interesting. "Blog of Notes" found it interesting enough to introduce the blogger world to it. That is how I found "Eric's Planes" and have been a fan every since.

    Have you been featured on "Blogs of Note?"

  4. I for one happen to know Eric personally and know that he has a life. I do wonder about you if you have the time to go around and mock others' blogs. Not nice! I'm so not impressed with yours.

  5. I also found him on Blogs of Note. I love his planes :-)

  6. You know what, blogging is meant to make you less cynical. Enjoy the Blogosphere - it is more than an alter ego for people from around the world. And Eric is one of those people. Same thing with the other blog you mentioned. Say something nice about people, mate. It'll make your life more enriching.

    Keep writing.