Friday, November 14, 2008

Until today, the economic crisis has had little effect on me and my funds. I recieved news a few hours ago that our non-profit company is struggling. Severely struggling. There were talks about how non-profits would be hit hard, but it was all so far away in accounting-la-la-land that we had brushed it off. I will share with you exerpts from an email that was sent out from our corporate friends in Arizona..

Dear colleagues:

I know that most of us have been following the global economic downturn, which is being felt everywhere and by virtually everyone, not only in our country but throughout the world. Sadly, financial worries create more stress in families, which results in an increase in child abuse and neglect.

When I had first heard the news that our health insurance would be going up by 30%, and that there would be no raises given until ATLEAST next October, I was frustrated to say the least (having already been employed by said company for 1 year without a pay raise) ... until I read that paragraph of the "bad news" email. Our office already has an unbelievable overflow of children affected by child abuse on a daily basis..yet, an increase in child abuse will most likely occur, due to financial struggles... and we will keep fighting this wretched fight until the money runs out completely.

It's hard to be sad for myself.. to imagine MY meager struggle with a slightly smaller income. How could I forget about the dozen kids that I played with today? The ten that I hugged goodbye yesterday? How selfish am I to worry about my RAISE?! I feel terrible that a moan and groan even exited my mouth. What is wrong with me!!?

PLEASE, company, keep all the money that you need to, to continue operation for these beautiful little people that I am so blessed to meet every single day. I cannot forget why I work here. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT for the money.

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  1. You're right, it's too easy to complain about 'little old us' until an email like that surfaces. You're making a difference for those kids...keep up the good work!