Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did I mention it's FREE!!!??!

You know what I LOVEEEE LOVE LOVE!!?! (What, Catrina, what do you love?) I LOVE free stuff! Free anything, really. I like free massages, free samples, FREEdom of speech, Free money.. (I could really live without those fabulous Free Lectures from the mom.. but hey.. life's not perfect) But, seriously though, I'm betting that there are other people out there like me.. sort of like my new 3 year old friend, KiKi, who was amazed at Halloween that someone gave her a FREE candybar. She was in awe at the kindness. So friends, here's to all of you out there that have that touch of Catrina-ism in you! Enjoy: 1. If you like tea as much as I do.. then you'll surely love Yogi Tea. They've decided to hook us all up with an assortment of FREE (yes, that's right, FREE) Samples. If you don't like tea, then please, I urge you to order some FREE TEA anyways. Why? Because it's FREE!! (Did I mention the "no money" thing? Yeah... FREE!!!)

2. Another FREE thing, which is quite strange that we pay for it in the first place.. is FREE SMELLS!! Haha.. really, free candle samples. Actually, they just send you one of those tart things, that you put in a tart warmer.. but hey, FREE SMELLS are pretty cool. So, if you are interested in smelling some homemade apple pie, fresh linens, or pine cones.. I would definately check out what this chick is offering. FREE SMELLS HERE!!!

3. Side note- While searching the web for free stuff.. I ran across a list of free stuff that I thought I would spare you from. Ex: FREE LAXATIVES! FREE ALGAE!!(<-- I had no idea!) And my personal favorite: Free "Fixed Needle Safety Syringes"! WAHOO!!!

4. Okay, wow.. I have lost faith in the internets. I was really hoping that my intense love for free stuff would generate some actual COOL free stuff.. but the only thing I could come up with was Free TEA and Free SMELLS. My apologies. I will surely try harder next time.

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