Thursday, October 27, 2011


I HAVE to start off this post by saying - first and foremost - that I have, within the last month, lost FOURTEEN pounds. Fourteen. 14. It's pretty darn exciting news for me. I was inspired to lose weight by several things that all came together. First, a coworker of mine has recently lost about 30 pounds. Watching her incredible transformation has been quite the inspiration for me. She had a baby about two years ago (like me), and had just kind of let herself "go" (like me). Then, I took a NICCEE long vacation to the beach. If that isn't inspiration to lose weight, I'm not sure what IS. So, I bought a scale... and this became the first time that I actually acknowledged my own weight. I knew that I looked in the mirror and felt yucky and fat... but it was gut-wrenching to look at the scale and CONFIRM that I was yucky and fat.

So, I've been watching what I eat - trying to eat LESS more often... and working out just a WEE bit. I don't want it to be like a punishment, so I'm trying to make my exercise fun. My goal is to lose about 40 more pounds. It will put me at what is healthy for my height... and about where I was immediately after I had Novalee. (I was breastfeeding and looked amazing) I've joked to my husband that maybe I just need to start breastfeeding again. Although it was so beneficial for Novalee and such a bonding time between us, I would never again put myself through that unless absolutely necessary. Owwieeee!!! We can bond over other things, I mean really.

Besides the FOURTEEN pounds, our lives have been pretty steady. We have a vigorous schedule of work, football practice, hubs's gigs, and more work. We DO, however, try to fit in as many naps as possible - and we go on "adventures" when we can. I've made several new friends lately - and have found myself out of the house more often than not, Hubs has been driving to Nashville once a week for a songwriters gathering with some of Nashville's top songwriters, and when we meet up somewhere in the middle - we are happy and in love.

Halloween is approaching and we have painted and carved a few pumpkins. Novalee will be a bumble bee, and I'm working on my best Aubrey Hepburn costume. Hubs doesn't participate in Halloween, but we keep him around so he can take pictures of us. :) Novalee is getting cuter and more talkative every day. She tells me good morning every day, and kisses me goodnight. She will sometimes wake up and the first thing she says is, "Mama! I want some peanut butter. And some CHICKEN!" (We're working on that) She is stubborn and smart and sweet and really really really funny. She is my world, and that will never change.

Alright, enough mushy stuff. I'm thankful for so many things and also desperately in need of some change around the house. Looking for: a new job, a new house, or a new adventure. If you know of anywhere I can find any of these things - please let me know. :)

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