Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let it all go.

I've been holding back a hateful blog post. Oh, how I just want to sit down, type vicious cuss words, slam my fingers on each letter as I type them, and not regret one word.. I am so mad lately. I can pretty much summarize and tell you that my job and my coworkers are rotting my brain. They are nosey and snobby and judgemental and sometimes just plain cruel. I'm not sure why they pretend to be interested in my pregnancy. They hold no sincerity in their hearts when they ask me things like, "What are you gonna do about childcare?", "Is your husband working yet?", "How are you going to afford this baby?". They look down at me and treat me like I was born yesterday. Really, those questions are for Scott and I to figure out - unless you're planning on giving me a raise or making a donation. Yes, times are tough right now. My amazing husband will never ever let us go without. We might just barely slip by, we might not eat sushi every night - or go on extreme vacations, or we might not even have CABLE (Heaven forbid!)... but we are completely fine. When times are tough for one of us, the other one picks up the slack. It's just how it is. Isn't that how marriage is supposed to be? I know that Scott is trying his absolute hardest to do what's best for his family - and I'm honestly sick of having to explain myself to the people that are responsible for my lousy paycheck. (might I add that I have not received a pay raise in the nearly 2 years that I've worked there - and have experienced not ONE, not TWO, but THREE hikes in my health insurance in that time period - which puts me at making $200 LESS monthly than when I was hired)

I just want them to get off of my back and let me be happy. I married my best friend two months ago, today. I am proud of him for everything that he is... and I will never beat him up for trying his hardest to support us in the best way he knows how. So, unless my coworkers are going to offer him a job or provide me with more income - I seriously do not want to hear it. ANY. MORE.

The End. :)


  1. Oh, you married your best friend. Aaaaw! That's so great.
    As for your co-workers, (vomit), how annoying? I think it's horrible to try to stick bad things in someone's face. "Oh, however will you survive?" while they sit back on their judgmental laurels. I say, just try not to respond to them. Do they expect you to answer? These people are just rude, rude,rude. So what if you don't have the cable tv and the high powered career and a husband who doesn't come home until 8am because he's been flat outn working. We have a baby and we weren't working when we had her, but my hub was there (to annoy me,lol) for weeks after the birth and we still had everything we needed.
    What are you going to do about childcare by the way? What do they mean by that? Where I am,you put your name down for it and you get it cheaper (with a government subsidy) if you are a low income earner. We don;t use it though as i am staying at home with her...maybe you and hub can swap, you stay home he works for a while anyway.
    I dunno,just know that whatever happens, these people are idiots, and you'll be ok.

  2. I concur!

    And yes, that is what marriage is all about.

    It's sad that people are like that.

  3. I agree with you on the whole, "picking up the others slack." Not to call it slack either, but that is what having a partner is all about - working together. Your co-workers sound like a bunch of idiots if you ask me. They should mind their own business. Sorry you work with them.

    Keep on following your heart and you and your husband (and baby on the way!) will find what is right for the three of you.

  4. You tell 'em, sister! That is beyond rude that they're asking such invasive personal questions! Way to stick up for your husband and your choices together! Pthhhhtttt on all of them!

  5. Thank you all so much for your encouragement. Seriously. Thank you.

  6. Not sure how I missed this post!! I just had to say that your co-workers...stink. P-yu!!!

  7. ((hugs)) People are stupid. Don't let them get to you. You and your husband and your baby are so much better off without their nonsense!

    Sorry things are so yucky for you though. :(

  8. I have truly come to realize after working with the plethora of idiots at my work, that those who have never experienced reality, are the first to have an opinion on it.