Friday, June 26, 2009

So, I didn't win the scooter. Bum-ER. It is okay though. Really. I think I handled it quite nicely considering my typical temper tantrums and such. I will move on with my life.
And then buy myself one when no one's around to stop me.

Now, I'm just trying to get through this Friday afternoon at work. My day is mainly slow, mushed up with spurts of little kids asking me funny questions. The funniest of those questions (or statements) are usually somehow directed at my large, pregnant belly. Which leads me to....

The Top 10 Reactions to my Pregnancy from the loving children that I work with:

1. "I know what's wrong with you!..... PREGNANCY!"

2. "Why is that so big?" (pointing at my belly)

3. "Are you having a girl or boy?" (my answer - GIRL!) Their response, "WHY???!"

4. "Are you having a black baby or a white baby?"

5. "Hey lady, are you okay?" (watching me doze off on a beanbag chair)

6. "What's wrong with your stomach? Did you just eat lunch or somethin?"

7. "How many babies you got in there?!"

8. "How does the baby get out of there?" (good question, kid)

9. "Why are you walkin so funny?"

10. "How did you put a baby in there!?"

It must be pretty confusing to be a kid.


  1. Kids questions crack me up. These are hilarious. Their innocence/bluntness is awesome. Happy weekend!