Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because I said so, that's why

The "because I feel like making a list" List:

  • Have I mentioned how big my belly is lately? Like I swallowed a basketball BIG? Like someone keeps inflating me BIG? Like I couldn't fit in an intertube if I tried BIG? It's big. Very big.

  • Work is brutal today. There are absolutely no appointments, the boss lady is at the beach, the weather is gorgeous outside, and my favorite husband is playing a show that I can't go to. I'm reaching past beyond my better judgement by trying NOT to fake a migraine so that I can go home. (I'm a strong believer in Kharma.. and if you ask for a migraine.. you shall receive one, maybe even two)

  • I'm so excited about the potential to win a sweet scooter this Thursday. My hopes are high.

  • Our little baby girl is 32 weeks old now - only 8-ish more weeks to go! If I were to give birth RIGHT NOW, her chance of survival is pretty strong. She's growing every single minute, wiggling around, and perfecting the "hiccup". It's amazing. Really, amazing. I can't quite wrap my head around it all... but THERE-IS-A-BABY-IN-MY-BELLY. I know, it's crazytalk.

  • I rocked out the public library yesterday. Where has it been all my life??? Movies, Cd's, Books, Magazines.... ALL FREE! Maybe the library just wasn't as cool when I had to go there for schoolwork.


  1. I go to the Library every Saturday!! Love it. It is the broke girls best friend:)

    BTW, loved "THERE-IS-A-BABY-IN-MY-BELLY." Too cute

  2. I have a serious public library addiction.

  3. It's almost baby-time! So exciting!

    I like your list.