Thursday, May 7, 2009


I just snuck to the refrigerator for a bowl of Rice-a-roni, chicken, brocolli, and cheese... strawberries, and then snuck in a spoonful of Cookies & Cream Icecream while the boys weren't looking. Can we say: Pregnancy cravings?? I just had to write that down somewhere so that when I'm looking back on this blog after my pregnancy, I can remember the oddities of food that I consumed. I won't go into detail about how I probably gained four pounds TODAY alone... but let's just say Butterfingers are my weakness. I'm curious now... what foods do YOU sneak out of the fridge or cupboard when there's nobody around?? Please tell me so that I feel less freaky. Thanks. :)
Nite Blogsters!


  1. haha- that is the funniest mixture of food.

  2. I'm always sneaking Easter eggs (when they're around) or cake if it's here.... I am in love with chocolate roll cake, the one with chocolate cream... I even drove to the supermarket last night to get some but THEY'D RUN OUT!!
    I get more cravings when I'm not pregnant, like now :) I always have, not sure why. And when I was pregnant I just ate really boring food, lol.

  3. Well... I'm not pregnant... nor have I ever been.

    But! I have HUGE gelato cravings. And I use to have a huge thing for peppermint stick ice cream. Ooooh yeah.

    Occasionally I'll sneak corn & pesto.