Friday, May 8, 2009

Philosophical Phriday Phun

Things about Friday that make me go HHMM....
  • Today marks our ONE WEEK WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! (is that too obsessive? - Could be.) This time last week I was frantic and packing, loading up the vehicles to go pick up my sissy at the airport. So far, marriage is a piece of cake. (Mmm.. Chocolate cake)
  • There was somethin' fiesty in my eye this morning. Something sharp.. perhaps a razor blade with a splash of lemon juice? Ouchies. I'm thankful that we have a Doctor on staff who can soothe away my aches and pains, flip my eyelid upsidedown, and then tell me that I'm not allowed to replenish my makeup on that eye. (Wait, WHAT? No makeup!? We'll see about that)
  • Boss Lady has the flu today (could it be the swine flu?? Stay tuned to find out...), #1 favorite coworker's house was broken into last night, and #1 least favorite coworker came in an hour late crying her eyes out. For the first time in a long time, I felt sad for her. She needed a hug. I probably would have offered one, but I too had tears streaming down my face from the sporatic eye pain. Boss Man quickly retreated to his vehicle during all of the commotion. (clearly, he's not one for sticking around in times of crisis) Our office fell apart at approximately 10:23 a.m. It is slowly recovering.
  • At 10:45 a.m., despite Doctor's orders, I replenished the mascara to my right eye. (who does she think she is, making that sort of demand?!)
  • Today marks the day that my belly has officially reached epic proportions. It is large. It is round. It is solid, like a stone. (rock hard abs, baby. Rock. Hard. Abs.) It touches stuff before the rest of me touches stuff... like when I'm leaning on a fence, for instance, the belly touches the fence first. It cannot be camouflaged anymore. People are suddenly nicer to me than before. They let me cut in line at the grocery store, open doors for me, pull out chairs, bring me sweets, and tell me that I look fabulous. (which is absolute truth) It's really quite wonderful to be pregnant.
  • I hearby claim today, Friday, May 8th, 2009, the day of the Butterfinger. (no, there is no possible way that this could correlate with the previous bullet about my belly growth. Nuh-huh. Not. Possible. No way.)

Trina OUT, bloggies! Happy Friday!


  1. Well, of course the Butterfingers wouldn't have to do with the belly. You have Rock. Hard. Abs.

  2. One week wedding anniversary... That is too cute!