Friday, May 8, 2009

Philosophical Phriday Update

I'm done with the blog-remodeling. For now. This background brings me peace, tranquility, and a smidge of girly-ness. The previous background just gave me girly-nausea. Toomuchpinksyndrome. I feel better now. Don't you?

Oh, and the office has slowly crept back to normalcy. (If by normal I mean: children falling off of scooters, wetting their pants, sticking play-doh up their noses, bite marks, drink-spilling, crying, eating plastic hotdogs, drawings of private parts, 4 year olds cussing their mothers out, more crying, rare adorable giggling, and 47,000 HotWheels cars scattered across my floor. Yeah, this is the normalcy that I was hoping to get back to) If perhaps none of this sounds interesting to you, Child Advocacy may not be in your future.

It's 4:30 and I'm cuttin out early, folks. Can you blame me? Seriously?
Love and happiness,

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  1. I like it! Very tasteful and not distracting yet fun.