Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Today's Achievements:
  • Lost Online Scrabble to Scott. (twice)
  • Learned from the Online Scrabble that "Yar" is a word. (the meaning of the word "Yar" is yet to be determined)
  • Discovered Beef Chimichangas. (this is a lifetime achievement if I do say so myself)
  • Wore my very first pair of maternity pants.
  • Felt stupid for not buying maternity pants sooner.
  • Wrote thank you cards to all of our wedding attendees. (slapped myself for not buying more forever stamps a few days back. Remember when I had a surplus of stamps??)
  • Convinced Boss Lady to let us leave 45 minutes early. (Because I'm THAT good)
  • Rescued my favorite unicorn beanie-baby from the clutch of a drooly 1 year old. (Hey! It wasn't suitable for babies anyways. I give toys to kids all the time. Okay?! Just not my Mystic!)
  • Cleaned out my wallet and found 17 bucks worth of credit at a department store. (WOOT! Can somebody say.... baby stuff??? Or shoes. I like shoes.)
  • Planned for our weekend getaway to Charleston. (Oh, the shenanigans!!!! No, wait, pregnant women can't partake in shenanigans. It will be relaxing. Yeah. Relaxing....)
  • Planned for my hour-long shower. (the bathroom is nearly finished!! As in, I could possibly be showering in it TONIGHT. So, don't call for a while, kay? And forgive me for the past few weeks of "roughing it")
  • Moaned about rising gas prices
  • Got kicked in the ribs for the first time! (not as exciting as I had anticipated, and not recommended in any way, shape, or form)
  • Researched prenatal classes given at the hospital.
  • Cursed when I found out how much prenatal classes at the hospital cost. (Seriously, I'm not made of money... because my bathroom is)
  • Retreated to the house...

Later Taters!


  1. I only know what YAR means because I saw it on Failure to Launch. And now that I think about it, that is where I learned the word...not the meaning. Oh well, I guess that isn't necessary for Scrabble huh!

  2. This is my first visit but I'm guessing your prego. Congrats on the maternity pants. I've heard that's a painful step to take. :)

  3. WOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shower time, shower time, shower time!

    Oh, and yay for getting kicked in the ribs. :) (Priorities, right?)

  4. I always laugh at your posts.

    :-) Hey! Nice bathrooms are a plus man!

  5. Hi, Trina! I noticed you were a new follower over on my blog. Welcome! I love new friends.

    Congratulations on your recent wedding and the impending arrival. That is so exciting! When are you due?

    And I noticed you live in Knoxville! My husband and I lived there for four years. We moved to Indy in 2007 and I still miss Knoxville!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your list. I would be like a bear with a sore head after just one day without my hot shower! I can imagine how you're looking forward to using your new one ;-)