Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stamp Surplus

I bought way too many stamps for our wedding invitations. They were not cheap. That was 18 bucks that I could have spent on many other important wedding-y thingies. So, I'm selling them on the black market. Seriously. Everyone at my office needs a stamp today. (because everyone at my office SOMEHOW procrastinated longer than I did, and is sending their tax stuff today. - I know.. I'm just as shocked as you are. It's like a big huge emergency, and I'm the big huge savior) Or so they thought. 42 cent stamps have now been taxed by Mwwwaaa and are ATLEAST 50 cents. (55 cents if you're on my "list") I mean, these things are one hot commodity right now! 50 cents is a STEAL! PLUS.. they're Forever Stamps! You just can't beat this deal. (insert maniacal laugh here) Eight stamps left, people!! Get em' while they're hot!


  1. hahaha, but now what will you mail your invites with?!

  2. ;) All the invitations are in the mail... I didn't realize that most of our guests are married, as in: ONE mailing address. So I bought too many