Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pick a shirt, any shirt!

I am a master of disguise.
A regular shape-shifter, if you will.

Yes, I'm talking about my unexplained need to change clothes four times a day. I can't quite figure out where it all started. But, it has gotten slightly ridiculous. I might not change my ENTIRE wardrobe, per say.. just an item here, and item there. Black flip-flops to brown ones, khaki pants to blue jeans, blue shirt to LIGHTER colored blue shirt... get my drift? Occasionally, yes, the entire outfit must go. Take today, for instance...
Went home on my lunch break wearing:
Khaki pants
Royal blue lacy shirt
brown flip-flops

Came back to work one hour later wearing:
Same Khaki pants
Blue/white floral hippie shirt
BLACK flip-flops
I'm sure some of you can understand doing this on say... a weekend... ? Ya know, when you're lounging around the house and who cares how many times you change shirts?? But, I do it on a typical work day. I often get questions like, "were you wearing that when you left?", or "I thought you had on blue jeans?" Some days I think that I do it just to see if anyone notices. Perhaps one day I'll stumble into the office after my lunch break wearing a Superman cape and some fuzzy bunny slippers... hmmm...
Do I need therapy?
(don't answer that)

(no, wait.. please do answer that)


  1. Haha- your a girl it's normal!

    Also, be sure to view my blog, I have just given you an AWARD!!!

  2. That is soo cute and funny!! I would totally love to do this but I usually am in a hurry and drop the clothes on the floor and my dog loves laying in them. I just can't do that much laundry!!