Friday, April 17, 2009

The best day of my life

Ohmygoodness ohmygoodness ohmygoodness!!!! AAAHH! I just got my very first-est ever-est blogger award. I'm not really sure how this thing works. I'm ashamed to say it, but I'm a blogger-award-virgin. (yes, I know I'm pregnant and the word "virgin" should not necessarily be associated with me.. but you get the pic) Thank you, thank you, and more thank you's to Little Miss Michelle, who rocks in more ways than this one. (like the fact that she's from the Southeast AND she has gobs more friends than I do and, and, and...) Well, we're sort of "new" bff's.. but I'm pretty sure she's awesome.
Part of this rockin award (besides me feeling the need to wear some $10,000 dress and make an acceptance speech in front of my other bff's like: Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Ashley Judd... ect) is to list five of my guiltiest pleasures. I have lots of them, so narrowing it down to five should be okay. (keep in mind that I'm pregnant, and typically the only thing on my mind is food)
1. Chocolate-chip-cookie-dough ICECREAM.. but not just ANY ol' C.C.C.D Icecream! BEN & JERRY'S C.C.C.D Icecream! (ya know, 4 dollars a spoonful?? - guilty pleasures are not cheap, yo)
2. Soduku (I know. Say no more.)
3. Deli-meat samples at the grocery store (mmmm... salami....)
4. Pixar movies
5. Bubble baths
Woah. I feel guilty just typing those.
*note to Little Miss Michelle - No, you cannot retract my award because of my extreme dweebiness. The damage is already done.
My next task in receiving this award is to spread the joy and pass my award onto MY favorite blogger buddies. Easy enough. (in no particular order, because they are all equally fabulous)
1. Miss. Sassy from Well Okay, Sassy Britches! could get this award just because of her kick a** blog title.. but she also gets it because she's witty and charming and well, actually READS my blog.
2. This one might also qualify as one of my guiltiest pleasures... The High-Heel Diaries are juicy and dirty, hilarious and inteligent. If you're not her friend, YOU SHOULD BE!! (that's a threat. Sort of)
3. SnoopyLloyd makes my list. And NOT just because she looks like me, swears like me, and has the same dad as me. I truely love her sense of humor.
4. Sawdust and Cowpies. Need I say more?
5. Because she says the things that we all want to say - TovaDarling, here's to that nasty comment from a certain "someone". I think you rock.
Phew. I'm pooped now.
Later Taters!

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  1. Well, aren't you just as sweet as you can be?! Thank you sooooo much! I heart you and your CCCD ice cream right back!