Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slugs are grose.
Yellow slugs are grose-er. (I know this because they have infested the sidewalks around my office) I sort of feel like a slug today. Not as slimy and disgusting.. but definately slow and vegetable-like... leaving a trail of crap behind me for others to clean up. PLEASE clean up after me!!! Our fundraiser at work is royally kicking my arse. Whoever's idea it was to give ALL of the ticket and table sales to ME was obviously smoking something fishy. I mean, really, I can't remember ANYTHING lately. Pregnancy memory loss has kicked in, right according to protocol. Here is a typical conversation between myself and potential fundraiser attendee:
Attendee: "Yes. I'd like to purchase two tickets to the upcoming fundraiser. How much are the tickets?"
Me: "What tickets?"
Attendee: "The fundraiser tickets"
Me: "What about them?"
Attendee: "How much ARE THEY???"
Me: "Oh.. Why didn't you just ask? They're $75 each."
Attendee: "Okay.. and what does that include?"
Me: "Include?"
Attendee: "This IS where I buy the tickets right?"

I've lost my marbles and turned into a grose, yellow slug.
Brain damage + Reese's cups + 1,000 phone calls = Yellow slug from the sidewalk. (a.k.a - Trina)

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  1. Ah, but at least you get the Reese's! Not a total loss. :P