Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello strange blog world.

Eek! I just remembered that I HAVE A BLOG!! Yes, ME! And, woah.. HERE IT IS!! Where in the WORLD have I been????? I'm sorry, oh blog world, that I've neglected you for the past week or so.. Life's just not fair.
Talk about being BUSY, though! Life has hit me pretty hard lately. So many new things that I just get swept up in it all. First, my belly is huge. And hard... like rock-hard abs.. but all over. And rounded. And it moves from time to time. Pretty sweet. Second, I'm getting married in less than ONE MONTH. Woah. I just processed that. Rings, Cake, food, legalities, family, friends, weather?, partying, Husband, Wife. Oh my. Third, my job is CRAZY busy with abused kids. Something about the economy being crappy really has a gigantic effect on the way parents treat their children. STOP IT PEOPLE!!! ANDDDD.. our biggest fundraiser of the year is approaching in two weeks.. and YowzerZ!! The phone WILL NOT STOP RINGING long enough for me to type a blog. *except for today, because I have conveniently sent all calls to voicemail for a much-needed break from all the ruckus. (If you tell anyone.. you are no longer my blogger-buddy. Officially.)

Enough about me though.

No, wait, I'm not done with me.

I just realized that this entire blog post is slightly exaggerated. Because, although I HAVE been super-dooper-crazy busy.. I have still found time to finish an entire Soduku book and start a new one this week. (while at work) AND, I spent an hour doing "research" on wedding dresses for women with large bellies. NOT PLUS SIZE.. but MATERNITY. There IS a difference. Right?????
Oh yeah, and Forthly, (yes, I just said Forthly) we are re-modeling our bathroom this month. (Thank you, 1970's, for our peach/lime green tile walls.. but NO THANKS) Oh! And we've spent many a night slaughtering ants that have infested our mailbox. (that's an entirely different blog post yet to be written) But, the ants are quite smart and have decided to hitch a ride INSIDE the house on our junk mail. Ants = 1, Trina = ZERO. Grrr. (It's soooo ON though) You don't mess with a pregnant chick and her chocolate cake. YOU-JUST-DON'T-DO-IT. And, (just cause I want to say Fifthly)... FIFTHLY, we get to find out the sex of the baby on MONDAY!!!! Mark your calendars, Folks.. and cast your ballots in my comments!

Later Taters!


  1. Oh, for the love of Pete, you're not busy at all. You just don't like us. I see how it is.


  2. have a ton going on! At least you will have a lot to blog about:) Congratulations on the preganancy and getting hitched:) First time at your blog..but looking forward to hearing more.

  3. i'm voting for a boy...boys always love their mothers lol