Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby NEWS!

That's right, folks.. We're having a girl. (which saves me from returning the dozen or so little dresses that I've purchased since December) (maybe I had a hunch???.. just maybe?) Actually, not true. I would have bet my shiney new wedding ring that it was a boy, but I just couldn't resist those adorable dresses.
We were so excited after we found out that I decided to take the rest of the day off of work to celebrate. Our celebrations included: stopping by the County Clerk's office for our Marriage License (uh-oh.. we are now "licensed to wed"), purchasing our yummy chocolate wedding cake, eating the absolute best cuban food known to man, taking a much needed 3:00 nap (cuban food apparently makes me sleepy), and watching our baby's first major motion picture. - The doctor hooked us up with a dvd of the ultrasound, and in some pictures you can actually see the facial features. Technology-blows-my-mind.

By the way, Little Miss. Peanut is now 21 weeks old. And huge. There's not as much room in there as I'd thought. She actually looks quite squashed. She weighs ONE WHOLE POUND now and is, from head-to-toe, 10 inches long. I love her already.. tall like her mama.

(This has nothing to do with baby)
IT'S SNOWING! What is wrong with you, Tennessee???? Sunday it was 75 degrees outside - a perfect Spring day. Two days later and we can make snowmen? What will tomorrow bring? YOU ARE CONFUSING MY PLANTS!

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  1. Tur-durt-tur-duurrrt! That's my trumpet fanfare! Yaaaaay, it's a girl everyone!

    And I'm giggling that you're pissed for your plants. :)