Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet buttery biscuits, It's TUESDAY!

I felt like a kid again this weekend. Could it be, perhaps, that I am part-kid right now? With one living in my abdomen? ORRR.. could it be the shenanigans that we pulled for 3 days straight? That's right people, THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Three days of me staying up past 10 o'clock! Three days of doing things that pregnant women shouldn't necessarily do. Three days of listening to me complain about staying up past 10 o'clock! Three days of "oh, hell ya this is fun"! Three days of "is it over yet?" Three days of "what are we doing here??!!!" Three days of... well.. I'll explain:
The antics consisted of: late late late night movie (oh no, it gets worse) (and yes, I managed to stay awake for ALMOST the entire thing), bouncing on bouncy slides (It's all fun and games til the pregnant chick gets elbowed in the belly region), the ferris wheel of DEATH (note the DEATH part), the water slide (or the slide-winder?? Either way, it was fast, watery, zippity, fast, and wet. And fast. And also involved a 26 mile hike uphill, in the snow, barefeet, carrying a cow.... somehow. (and I can rhyme in no time) And it was fast.), water guns, and (because we went to the amusement park) 40 dollar chicken tenders.

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