Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Junkfood Utopia

I was just informed that my blogging has been well, lacking lately. Not in substance, of course, but definately in quantity. Yes, I can agree with this. So, here's a quick recap of LIFE.

Yesterday was my "monthly" pregnancy checkup at the doc's office. (17 weeks along by the way) And, as usual, I was bracing myself to be poked, prodded, and emptied. (emptied as in: urine and blood) I am starting to have no problem with this stuff, seeing as how I better damn well get used to it before good ol' month NINE. BUT, to my delight, I was neither poked, prodded or emptied yesterday. Somehow, I managed to swing a Get-out-of-Jail-free Card! This can't BE! I asked the doctor.. "what about that thing where I get naked and you poke me?" - "Nope. Not today." Maybe he was just in a good mood.. and had decided that torturing mommies-to-be just wasn't as fun as it used to be. I don't know.. but I'll take it. ANDDDD.. the only thing that he DID tell me was that I've LOST WEIGHT! Fourteen glorious pounds to be exact. In the middle of me jumping for joy, he reminded me that I'm pregnant and that this is not a good time to diet. Yah, okay, I'm not sure that there's a bad time to lose 14 pounds.. but whatever. So, doctor's orders were to scarf down as much icecream as humanly possible over the next month and put on atleast four pounds. To that challenge I said: "Hamburgers and Oreo Pie tonight baby!"

My doctor will be pleased to know that I surely gained all 14 pounds back...... last night.

Hey, doctor's orders.

Other than that, my life has been pretty dern fabulous. Scott and I went to Asheville on Saturday... had a fabulous time in 75 degree weather... hob-knobbin it with the artsy-fartsies downtown. On Sunday we did housey stuff like clean the car, laundry, re-pot Mr. Plant (for the 3rd time), and soak up the unusual spring weather that will most likely be capped off by snow flurries by the end of the week. (good ol' Tennessee weather) OH! And we hit up Casablanca on Friday at the BEaUtIfuL Tennessee Theater. I had never seen that movie.. and it was everything that I'd heard.
AnyWHO.. wish me luck on my junk food endeavor, and I will wish you luck on yours! :)

Much love..


  1. Okay, I could stand to LOSE 14 POUNDS and I'm not even PREGNANT! How are you doing it while preggers? Sheesh.

  2. The main reason I've lost weight is that I've only been drinking water... and LOTS of it. Plus, most of my favorite foods just don't look good anymore.. :*( It's torture.

  3. OH all that junk food makes me so hungry...and I am going to the gym now...ahhhhh!!!!!