Thursday, March 12, 2009


I want to make stuff. Sell the stuff. Pay the rent. Make more stuff. Sell that stuff. Pay more rent. (actually, this equation is way better when I don't have to pay rent...) Is there anything wrong with that? I can make stuff. I'm crafty. I see other people doing it just fine.. what's up with them?? Is this a bad time (ya know, on the verge of The 2nd Great Depression) to even think about it? Scott and I are both capable, crafty beings. We need an idea! Baby stuff comes to mind because well, I have one growing inside of me... and it's hard not to think of it often when he/she rolls around in there and elbows my bladder at inconvenient times. (such as when I'm so far back in line at the restroom that I can't even SEE the stalls from the hallway and all of the other women just ignore me as I squirm up and down, side to side, to see when in the world it will be MY turn to PEE!) Anyways, what I'm diggin for here is this: I need ideas. Will you help me become that crafty little devil that I SOOO deserve to be?

Mmmm.. Samoa cookies....
Crap. Pregnancy cravings....
See ya later Bloggies!


  1. I noticed drawings, paintings and especially little handmade soft dolls sell really, really well on the craft site 'etsy'. You can put an etsy button on your blog too, so folks can link over to your etsy 'shop'. Once you make a bit, you can get booths at craft shows, AND sell online. I bet you could do it. Especially if you can sew. If you can, but don't have a sewing's a great gift to request for a baby/wedding shower!! I know some sisters who may want to buy you one. ;)) AND, you can make little clothes for your babby!! With Tara being your mama, I bet she taught you how to sew.

  2. Yah, mama taught me to sew.. among other things. :) I will post "test" products shortly... ;)

  3. This is from my dad:
    make matching aprons for moms and girls. No one is doing this - keep young families together when fixing meals, aprons for men. Sell them on line or? make them full, or just half apron, they will still sell There is a market for this You can personalize them, use cartoon characters, etc.