Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I get paid for this?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am spoiled.
For the past, oh, 7 hours, I have played on the computer... for MONEY! No, this is not some scam...
My boss pays me to sit, play, and color. AND.. If I want to pretend to sound important, I can always tell people what my office does. (not ME... but my OFFICE) Blah-deee-blah-child abuse-blah-de-prosecutes-blah-blah-[insert statistic here].. and Vwa-la!
Sure, I have to HEAR about child abuse on a daily basis.. (which I think the entire World should have to, then maybe something would be fixed in the whole big scheme of things) BUT, mainly, I play.. and I sit.. and I pretend I'm doing important stuff when people are looking. (when really, I've found some crazy game on Yahoo Games where you cook stuff and chop onions and bake egg rolls.. and..) (see my point?)
I'm spoiled, but I complain that my health insurance is too high and that I need a raise. Yes, I actually whinned (lots of times) about not getting a raise. (possibly even at lunch today) What am I smoking? I GET PAID TO PLAY. (and not $50,000/year... but definately not cruddy minimum wage either) It's so bad that most of the time I complain when I actually have real work* to do! (interrupting my Facebook browsing! How dare you!)
*Real work usually consists of walking to the mailbox or sending a fax
Wait, I still do want a raise.. and there's a valid reason why I should have one by now.. but I won't go into it because I doubt that you will feel sorry for me after I just slammed myself for being a whiney, lazy, ungrateful "employee".
AND, my health insurance should definately be lowered. Mainly because it's a rip off.
Gotta Run, finally quittin time! (as in: quit wasting time and go home)

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