Thursday, February 19, 2009

My secret passion

Few of you may know about my deep, dark archeology passion. Call it an obsession, call it what you will. I know more facts about things found in dirt than I do about things found in my kitchen. Now, this "hobby" of mine didn't really appear until about.. well, maybe 3 or 4 years ago??? (ya know, right when I was trying to figure out which subject to major in at school.) Somehow I missed the obvious archeology passion and went straight for the interior design, business, marketing career. And, well, look at me now... working at a Children's Advocacy Center.... digging for the truth while investigating Child Abuse. (get it.. digging for truth.. when really I just wanna dig in the dirt? Nice play on words, eh?) Now that I've finally realized that all I really wanna do is go to Egypt and brush off bones with a toothbrush, it might be a wee bit too late. One in five Archeologists is now UNEMPLOYED! The economy, plus the fact that most of the ground is currently covered with PAVEMENT and WAL-MARTS, has put my favorite people out of work. Many museums in China and India have began SELLING their artifacts to private collectors to keep the museums open. (I know, crazy, right?!!) AND... nearly half of all archeology sites are being looted, their priceless treasures being sold overseas, and on EBAY. I'm not real sure where I'm going with this; except for the fact that this is heartbreaking and truely a sign of the times. The most important book of Earth's lifetime was discovered by archeologists!!! I think that it is our duty as HUMANS to protect the land and history that came before us. By the way, the largest Mammoth fossil ever discovered was discovered outside L.A, when they were building a PARKING GARAGE... and guess what? The parking garage construction continued immediately after the mammoth was recovered (cement trucks waiting for the "hold up" to end), leaving no time to look for more artifacts. Welcome to 2009.

End rant.
For daily updates on amazing archeological finds around the world go HERE!! (my favorite website/magazine ever)

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  1. I have wanted to do this since I was a little girl! I am SO bookmarking this site. I'm wiping away tears about the parking lot. People are money-hungry dumbasses (I hope that's okay to say that word here!).