Friday, February 20, 2009


I decided to spare you (and myself) from another blog-o-Rants today. You are very welcome.

Good news today! I am now in charge of the office recycling program. I requested a badge of some sort, a pay raise (duh!), and a party involving pizza; but those requests were scoffed at for some reason. (hmph!) Three out of seven of us are 100% behind the recycling program.. the other 4 need some "coaxing". Actually, they just purely DO NOT CARE about our environment. I was thinking of different ways that I could convince them of the importance of recycling. Here are a few of my ideas:

Option A:
Do it like they do in those anti-smoking commercials. Instead of lining up body bags in Central Park... I will fill their offices with a month's worth of things that they SHOULD HAVE recycled. Maybe even go so far as to spread it across their desks and come in with a loud speaker and announce to the office that they DID NOT recycle this month.

Option B:
Hold an "informative" meeting about why recycling important; involving Powerpoint presentations (and hopefully a laser pointer, because who doesn't have fun with a laser pointer?) and maybe even crafts made from recycled objects. ?? (no, I do not work at a pre-school.. but probably should) I'll make sure to throw in some spicy statistics like: The production of recycled paper (as opposed to brand spankin new paper) uses 80% less water and 65% less energy and produces 95% less air polution! (No WAY, Catrina!) Yes, way.

Option C:
Sneak into their offices during lunch break and do it myself.* (could possibly be more fun with a spy kit, black light, leather gloves and a mask.)
*this option is still under review

If you have any ideas about how to spread the word around my office of slackers, please let me know. Also, to check out some more statistics to help spread the word check out THIS SITE and THIS ONE TOO!
Wait, this could have been considered as another rant. Darn it. Sorry again.

Later Taters!

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  1. Yay Option A YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! May I help? Ooo, ooo can we combine Option A with the blacklight from Option C??? Am getting excited.