Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morality Vs. Functionality

I'm having a moral dilema.

Here's the situation: Every few weeks our office receives donations of kids toys, clothing, books, ect. from the loving community. Now, these gifts are given with the absolute best of intentions... BUT, we have sooo many items that they are piled up to the ceiling (seriously) in every cubby and corner of office space. I know for a fact that most of those items will sit there, collecting dust for the next oh... year or so.. until someone hauls it off to the Foster Family Agency. (where it will then sit for another year or so) Well, every now and then we get some FRIGGIN CUTE baby stuff.. and well, (I think you know where I'm going with this) I'm PreGnAnT. Is it wrong of me to sift through the stuff and pick out ONE or TWO baby things??? (or four or five?)

(or seven?)


  1. Completely unethical. BUT, completely understandable! I mean, they're not getting used, so SOMEONE should use them...right?

  2. Easy dilemna... make a cash donation to your favorite charity or to whatever org is taking care of the clothing. Baby clothes (to the best of my memory) are $$$ and you're still money ahead, your conscience is clear and you've helped someone while someone helps you.


    I'm a freakin' jenius.

  3. Good idea, Cowguy. My conscience is cleared. :)