Thursday, January 29, 2009

The office is officially empty today.


Peace. Quiet. Lack of blaring country music. Pillows. Napping. Aaahh.. Serenity.

I could run around the office naked if I wanted to, and not a soul would know. (wait, except for maybe that UPS guy that stopped by a few minutes ago. Ooops) Scratch the streaking idea. (Oh, yeah, and I'm pregnant. There's not much "running around" going on in these shoes lately.) But, regardless, it is fabulous to be alone in this office for once. And, well, since not much has really happened today (and I like it that way), I feel the urge to make today LIST DAY.

Things I wanna be when I grow up:
1. Archeologist (YAY for finding things in dirt!)
2. Astronaut (Hooray for finding things on mars!)
3. An interpretor/translator (probably should learn that second language first, huh?)
4. An artist (with my own super-fabulous-studio, covered in paint splatters)

# of sales calls received today:
7 and counting...

Projects "postponed" due to procrastination/or lack of funds:
1. Wedding planning
2. Re-covering outdoor chairs
3. Crochetting that scarf that looks like a triangle
4. Hanging curtains

Things that make me go MMMMM...
1. S'mores
2. Hammocks
3. 70 degree weather on my day off (does this really happen?)
4. clothes fresh from the dryer

Enough lists.
Later Taters


  1. LOVE ya lists!!! I need to get a list of things together to clean up and discard from my apartment. Too much junk. When that is done, I'll have a list of potting 'stuff' because I'm really ready for spring.

    The 70 degree day sounds lovely!!!

  2. Ha! My very first ever career of choice was archeologist! And I think it would be too cool to be an interpreter...I've thought sign language would be a good one; they're always in demand.