Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diamonds, and milk shakes, and BLT's! OH MY!

I pretty much just had the best lunch break ever. I mean... Diamonds, BLT's, milk shakes, and my future hubby. (not in that particular order) My wedding ring is semi-ordered and beee-u-tiful, that blt (minus the L) was DEE-licious, my future hubby is PERRRFECT, and well.. that milk shake was great. (even though my lactose-intolerant-pregnant-butt will be paying for it later) I don't know if you could find a happier pregnant lady. (or a sleepier one)

Although, I'm not sure if I was a happy pregnant lady as of yesterday. Last night I had what some people might call a "breakdown". My office is stressful, my hormones are wacky, I'm generally uncomfortable and tired.. and well, yesterday the straw finally broke the camels back. It was probably the combination of my rude, intolerable boss, me standing up while leaning over a desk for 3-4 hours (you guessed it! Making more BOOKS.. because apparently I work at a publishing company, not a children's advocacy center), treking it up and down the steps over a dozen times, my longing to sleep during business hours, and my already-emotional-rollercoaster-ride of a body. I had a good cry when I got home, went grocery shopping, ate fish sticks and mashed potatoes, and ultimately fell asleep to Scott reading me Harry Potter. (my new favorite way to fall asleep..and definately the most reliable way to knock me out in record time) Poor Scott. I must bore him to tears sometimes. But hey, he loves me and takes care of me better than anyone else could.


  1. your such a lucky oh and please..don't imagine anything bad happening with you and scott just coz my blog is rather depressing right now. i'm not usually like this. most of the time i'm happy as a lark..just not singing right now.

    thanks for all your comments..and insights. your a doll

  2. Awww ... your STB hubby sounds like da bomb!!! I need one of those.