Friday, January 30, 2009

Transferring nightmare

Long story short:
At our office, we USED TO use this company to do our bloodwork for us. (I sort of work at a doctor's office) We no longer use them, but they've left all of their equipment here for over 6 months with apparently no worries. (probably 100's of thousands of dollars worth) So, my nice, sweet boss lady gives me the task of tracking them down to pick up their crap.

1st attempt to call said company:
1. Dialed number (easy enough, right?)
2. Wrong. Their number has obviously changed.
3. Track down NEW number. (easy enough with GOOGLE, right?)
4. Wrong. Which branch do you want? Nashville? Atlanta? Chicago? Charlotte? (well.. Knoxville is kind of close to Atlanta... and well, Nashville is in the same STATE as Knoxville, so let's go with Nashville.)
5. Sweet. Ringgg ring ringggg....
6. Holding. Holding. Holding. 38 minutes later(yes, I counted) and still on hold. And, (this is what nearly ALWAYS happens) the other telephone line starts ringing on my end. What to do? Do I put this 38 minute hold session on hold to see who's on the other line? What if they hang up? AHHHH! Ring! Ring!
7. FINE! Put company on hold for approximately 10 seconds to answer other phone call (which happens to be just a friggin sales person)
8. Hang up with sales person to find that my 38 minute waste of time hold session has hung up on me.

2nd attempt to call said company:
1. Call the Nashville office again.
2. Didn't take as long as the first time. Sweet. They answer. I explain problem.
3. And now, the transferring begins.
4. Transferred to IT department. (huh? I don't have a computer problem! You left your fancy-schmancy equipment here! Thought you might want it back!! I could've already sold it on EBAY by now! I was trying to be NICE!!!)
5. Transferring now to the Atlanta office
6. Atlanta conversation didn't last long. Quickly transferred to some department that I didn't catch the name of.
7. Definately not the Atlanta office.. Well, hello Pittsburg! How are you? Would you like some of your STUFF BACK!!!???
8. NOW Transferring to Atlanta. (Sweet. I forgot to tell them that the Falcons suck)
9. Transferring to Chicago. (Wow)
11. Finally transferred BACK to Nashville where the conversation went something like this.. "Oh. You still have some equipment. We'll let someone know." CLICK.

I'm not sure if that was the most satisfying answer that I was looking for. It wasn't real reassuring. I have a feeling that I'll be selling that crap on the black market one day soon. Snooze ya lose, suckas.


  1. Really, I should take patience lessons from you. I am poking my eyes out right now.

  2. Ya, hopefully that patience sticks with me when this baby of mine turns about 2 years old.

  3. LMAO, that is too funny. Unfortunately, I currently work for a HUGE ARSE company, and I suspect a lot of people get that same run around. The left hand doesn't know that the right hand is already wiping the ass, without the benefit of TP. Ya know?

  4. You should list it on ebay and then email them the link for the auctions. Maybe that will get their attention!