Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebration will ensue!

Sweet Mother of Pearl, the mouse has been removed from the office! The very sweet, incredibly talented maintenance man, Dexter, is seriously my newest and bestest best friend ever. For those of you who don't know, our office has been soaked with a horendous stench for about a week now, from the rotting of a mouse that had died somewhere in the ceiling or wall. It lingers in and out of my office, like a hard poinsonous breeze. Well, not anymore. Dexter is my hero, and officially deserves a pay raise.

In other news, (not nearly as exciting as the mouse-extraction)I'm almost finished reading the first Harry Potter book, Scott is back in the recording studio - making loverly music to my ears, I'm halfway done with crocheting a (crooked) scarf, I'm still not a morning person, and I'm most looking forward to this coming three day weekend! Oh ya, and it's FREeZinG!!!

P.S- I give out extra toys to the kids at my office when the bosses aren't looking.... sue me. ;)

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