Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey! Guess what??!
It's sooo FRIDAY!!

I've been waiting to say that all week.

I cannot relay the pure joy and pleasure that comes from knowing that today is the last day of this wretched work week. I have spent this entire week (no exaggerating) binding books together... using this prehistoric machine called the CombBind C95. Re-dic-u-luss. But, really, it's not a complete loss; because I have learned a valuable lesson this week. Do not let people take advantage of you. For instance, don't agree to do Project C, when you haven't even started Project A or B yet. I have decided that my job is equally as important as everyone else's here... and if THEY'RE too good to bind 25,000 books, than so am I. I am permanantly on strike from busy work. No more mailing lists, labeling, stapling, signing, typing, binding, printing, or faxing. From now on I will do what is best for the children, and stop putting them last on the list. Candyland has jumped back up to the top of the food chain - so, sorry folks... but the decision has been made.

I always feel better when I make decisions, don't you?


  1. Oh heck yes, making decisions always takes a little stress away from my stressful life. But sometimes figuring out which decision to make is what drives me crazy! TGIF!!! :)

  2. Large and in charge is the only way to be. Lol. That machine looks hungry for a hand.

  3. Especially if said decision irks someone who normally drives you nuts. ;)