Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank God for I-T guys. I mean, they do some serious brain surgery stuff to your computer, right over the phone. Our corporate office is 1825 miles away, and yet they can fix my computer in a jiffy. I. Love. Them. So, real quick I'm gonna give a shout out to my favorite IT homie.. Wade. Thanks, Wade, for my internets. Without you, I would be a zombie who answers phones.

So, yeah, anyways.. in between my computer being hateful and spouts of lightning making the power flicker, I've been reading Harry Potter. (the very first one) Yes, I know, I am behind on things.. but hey, atleast I'm reading it. I can't quite put it down. What's wrong with me!?! So far it's way better than the movie.. but we'll see.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned that my job is crap-tacular lately? What is it with this time of year that pushes parents over the edge? It seems like anytime there's a holiday, and their kids are at home, parents go coo-coo and the police get called. Well, I'm way over it. STOP ABUSING YOUR KIDS. Ca-pish??! It's sickening. And DON'T leave your kids with someone that you don't KNOW! Also, kids generally cannot "watch themselves" unless they're "watching themselves" abuse one-another. ACHKKK!! I'm way over it. And for those of you who think that you don't know someone who's been abused.. you are wrong. We all do.

Ah. I feel better. Sort of.

Time to clock out now. Peace.

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