Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keep her busy!

Currently involved in "busy work". Hey, Catrina, you look bored! Why don't I give you some tedious task to do for the next oh.. 3 hours!?! Fold. Fold. Insert envelope. Fold. Place sticker on crease. Label. Mail. (repeat) Fold. Fold. Insert envelope. Fold. Place sticker on crease. Label. Mail. (and so on...)

Really, though, the "busy work" is the only actual work that I typically do. "Whaddya mean I can't play CandyLand with Johnny!?! You want me to mail things?!?". Or, "BUT.. my favorite part of Cinderella is coming up.. when the birdies are making her dress!!". Wait, "you want me to like... do some actual WORK!?" Ouch. (I must be in trouble or something) I know, you all feel REALLY bad for me, right?

Honestly, it is quite a challenge when I have even the slightest bit of "work" to do. I have grown accustomed to juice boxes, pac-man, hula-hoops, train sets, and fake plastic cheeseburgers. I just realized today, that there is not much that I do around the office that actually involves hard work.
For example:
I don't answer the phones without a ball of play-doh in my other hand.
I don't type up a memo without first checking the daily comics.
I don't even know HOW to send a fax without first making sure my winnie-the-pooh stamps are working.. (just in case!)
I don't walk through the playroom without hopping on the scooter.
I don't check someone in without first mentioning the massive amounts of coloring books located on the shelf.
I don't print in black and white.
I don't clean unless I just spilled coffee all over something.
I don't give out a phone number without first moving the stuffed animals out of the way.
And I pretty much don't go a day without watching a Disney movie.

Yah. I get paid. And not bad, if I do say so myself. Piece of cake, right??!


Although my job is fun, it is nowhere close to easy. It will never be easy to look into the eyes of a child who was just abandoned by their parents. It is the hardest job in the world some days, to walk away.. to know what these children have been through. Physical abuse. Sexual abuse. CHILDREN. CHILDREN. THEY ARE CHILDREN. To know that the justice system will fail them. To know that they have been victimized in the worst ways and that the perpetrators will go unpunished. (or recieve some form of light slap on the wrist) My job is emotional. It was emotional today. I think that they give me "busy work" to take my mind off of it all.

It doesn't help.


  1. i know what you mean catrina..today i got to spend a hour watching a vantriloquist act, had a mini meetng, ran a "fun" group, was accosted (hugged from all sides)in the halls by kids from a previous classwide begging me to come back in and built some lessons for a new classwide that's happening in january all while surrounded by screaming, laughing, giggling, sweet, adorable kids. i love my job..bet you do to.

  2. Funny about our jobs. In HR I feel like I'm dealing with children although nowhere near as difficult and emotional as your position. They are fortunate to have you.