Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday morning update

If you're wondering how my surgery went.. it went fabulously! I mean really, it was so great.. it was like not having surgery at ALL!

Okay, so.. I didn't have the surgery.

There were scheduling issues.. and well.. it got moved to another day. So, I'm all clear for a bit. I can hang on to my two favorite wisdom teeth just a wee bit longer. I cannot explain the feeling of relief that I experienced upon discovering this scheduling mis-hap.

To celebrate my teeth, I took them out to lots of different restaurants this weekend... and ate every crunchy food that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to eat. I fed them soda, THROUGH A STRAW.. (which is a total no-no if you have your wisdom teeth removed) Me and my teeth had a great weekend.

Oh.. and I had fun with the boys this weekend too. We hit up the Christmas Parade on Friday. Very cold. Very crowded. Very Christmasy. It would have been nice to actually SEE the parade through the 35,000 people there, but all was well anyways. Saturday was Christmasy too! It snowed like crazy for a few hours and dusted the trees and grass just enough for Spencer to make muddy snow balls and throw them at the house. Dirty.. but entertaining. Then we all went Christmas-tree hunting. We took the cop-out way and went to Lowe's. But, hey, give us a break. It was late and all the cutesy Christmas Tree shops were closed! Seriously, you would feel a little bad for us if you actually SAW the tree. It's a great tree.
Really. The tree is great.
The tacky-fied ornaments... not so much.
We love it though. It has "character". I'm just hoping that Santa helps us put actual gifts under it somehow.

Anyways.. I hope everyone had a great great weekend such as I did. And, if you still have your wisdom teeth.. take them out to lunch today and eat something crunchy!

Love, Trina


  1. Glad it went so well!! ;) Post a pic of your tree!!

  2. Heyhey, got your comments...yaaaay!!!!