Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick! Wash something dirty!

It's LauNdrY DaY!
I own the laundry mat.
Not really. But I definately should, with the amount of quarters I just gave them. That Miley Cyrus chick is on the t.v in here.. I hadn't really seen her acting skills before.. and wait... I still don't see them.
I like laundry mats with free internets. It makes doing laundry a little bit more tolerable. I also like spitting out random sentences.
Like, don't eat egg drop soup if they've told you that they need to make a fresh batch..I know..a fresh batch sounds tempting.. but really, it just tastes better if it hangs out for a while before you eat it. Please just take my word for it.

OH, and the Christmas shopping will continue on until the late afternoon. (after this laundry-shenanigans) My shopping list has grown exponentially since I decided to visit the family up north for the holidays. With the Italian heritage, naturally I have a gargantuous family. I love them to pieces.. but there are just too many of them!!! Scott and I thought last night that everyone will be getting SCRABBLE from us. (partially because we love it and partially because it was only $7 at Toys R Us)So, watch out... oh family.. word-making-extravaganza to be determined...
Much love,

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  1. I just so happen to know of a girl whose birthday is right around the corner. ;)