Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is election day. Yes, I'm sure that everyone on planet Earth has figured this out. Billboards, television, internet, yard signs, radio, telephone, word of mouth.. it is everywhere. Obama's face is everywhere. I still do not know who to vote for. I scwabble around.. back and forth. Who knows?? Maybe I will have decided before the polls close and Obama wins.

Meanwhile, back in Trina-la-la-land... Scott and I made a radical decision late Friday night. We were sitting outside on our patio, building a large fire in our fabulous firepit... we were just about to roast some marshmallows and await the trick-or-treaters.. when we get the bright idea to drive to Virginia. So, we packed up our stuff (Scott was so excited that he only packed his shirts--no pants), we counted our funds, and jumped in the car. Manassas, Virgina, HERE WE COME!! I failed to mention to any of my family that we'd be stopping by, but I figured that they wouldn't mind.. and they didn't. We had a very very fabulous weekend.. the drive was not as horendous as we had both anticipated. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the family was generally thrilled at our surprise visit. I will admit, though, that I was a bit frazzled at the idea of Scott meeting everyone, but everything went better than planned. I'm pretty sure that the whole family approves.. which is a bonus. We decided that this was the first of many random surprise visits up North.

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  1. Your surprise visit was the best thing that November brought us! Although it IS only November 5th. haha, just kidding. We totally approve because...besides the fact that he's cute and looks at you with total adoration...if YOU are happy, WE are happy. Much love, Reebes