Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Smooth move......

I made a boo-boo. For some reason I decided to call Comcast. No biggie, right? Yah, wrong. My brilliant self was wondering why we had a credit with them of $13.00. For the first time in my life, somebody owed ME money.. and I HAD to question it!! So, I sit on hold for about 20 minutes... and talk to a sassy-but-helpful lady named Sherry. Sherry didn't really understand what my problem was, until I mentioned that our bill was lower than usual. ("lower than usual"... what's the problem here, trina? Seriously?) Ya, sooo.. Sherry clicks a few buttons on her end of the phone and notices that for the past few months we have not been charged for our internet service... and that apparently if I had'nt opened up my big mouth, then we would STILL not be charged for internet service. I was pretty bummed at the fact that I alerted them of this problem.. and was promptly told that our bill is now TRIPLE what it was. I felt pretty low, until Scott reminded me that I did the "right thing". Right-thing-shmight-thing. Comcast ---> I am on strike.

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  1. Beaner's Boycotts: Yahoo!, Comcast...who's next? We boycotted a bbq rib place for a year because they were out of ribs. Ribs! Oh, and AAA Trash, um...Hecht's before they were no longer Hecht's because they required a major credit card to write a check. Uh, loser, if I wanted you to have my major credit card I would pay with it. hahaha