Monday, November 17, 2008

Lunch Time Lunatics

It's lunch time here at the office. Typically, I go on my lunch break first, and then everyone else goes.. leaving me all by my lonesome.. to fiddle-faddle around. Sometimes I pop in Cinderella, sometimes I doodle, sometimes I color. Today, I'm blogging. Mainly because I already watched Cinderella today, and all of the crayons are broken into hundreds of itsy bitsy pieces. Yes, I get paid to do all of these things. No, you cannot have my job.

This time of day is usually my time of reflection... so I shall reflect:
This weekend was fabulouso! Chilly, but fabulous. Mr.Scott has been very busy with his music stuff...recording, sounding beautiful, photography, looking beautiful.. ya know, the usual. I had a nice amount of "Trina-time" on Saturday... which put me at the bookstore, the recycling center, and sleeping in past 8:00. (Not in that particular order) OOO! Speaking of recycling.. (my new hobby) you MUST check out this link of different ways to recycle BY MAIL. Yes, I said BY MAIL. Pretty nifty, if you ask me.

Also, as we all know, the holidays are fast approaching. Which means, that I have roughly 11 days to learn how to cook. Hopefully, I will have ordered my sissys cook book by then.. and can just follow her recipes. (Note to sissy: Must write cookbook that is strictly for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Thanks.) ;) (Oh.. and I should defintely be getting some sort of royalty check for mentioning your cook book in my blog?? no???)

By the way, I'm thinking of topics for MY future book:
- "How to play nice with four year olds, without becoming one"
- "Perfecting the art of tardyness"
- "How to successfully kill every plant in your office."
(Apparently I can only write how to or how NOT to books)

Seriously though, it's time to get back to work. Ta-ta for now!

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  1. You ROCK for posting my book!! Hmmm, sure, pondering the royalty issue. ;) PS, you have the best job, EVER?!