Thursday, October 30, 2008

Slow Down!!!!

Posted October 28, 2008

Do you ever have those "days"? Ya know.. those days when the entire world seems so freakin busy.? When you are a turtle trying to race an airplane? I would really appreciate it if the world would slow down for a few minutes. I would like for everyone to join me for tea... kick their feet up, and look at how blue the sky is today. Sure, we may have to bundle up in our winter scarves and fuzzy mittens.. that's okay.. my scarf is covered with peace signs. Everyone is hurrying. Holidays are approaching-- we MUST be ready!!!! RUN!!!!!! STEP ON THE GAS!! EVERYONE HURRRRYYYYY!!!! Meanwhile, back in Trina-la-la-land, I stopped at a green light this morning (got honked at violently), opted against my morning coffee, put away my cell phone, and spent the morning flipping through the comics. The office busyness continued as usual around me... run in--run out... another appliance-victim cussing out our beloved printer... cell phones beeping and buzzing... complaints about the cold weather. DEAR GOD SLOW DOWN WORLD!!!! If I were the boss, today, a mandatory sauna break would be instituted. It's almost humorous to watch the world bury itself with chores, meetings, and errands. Do I fall under the same monotonous spell some days??! Oh NO!! I think I do!! EEK!

I hope that either the World will slow down some time, or that I can somehow catch up... I don't want to drive fast or check myself out at the register at wal-mart with no human contact. I really don't want to ever say, "I don't have any TIME!!". When I think about it, there are 24 long hours in a day... 8 are meant for sleeping.. that leaves us with a nice full 16 hours! In history, I can think of AMAZING things that were accomplished in day.. that had nothing to do with soccer games, grocery shopping, or post office visits. My greatest accomplishment, today, is taking time to enjoy the day itself.

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