Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm a Happy Hippie!

Posted October 27, 2008
I am strong. Powerful. Today you cannot push me over... you can try.. it will be fun. But, you will not win. I should endorse Green Tea... Green tea and God. They have helped make me unstoppable today. That, and the unlikely combination of corn dogs and fruit roll-ups. I am chipper. I mean, seriously, who can complain when their day consists of comic strips, fall weather, leaf blowing on their lunch break, lip gloss, recycling, green tea, and chick-magazines?! My new hobby is text messaging people that are standing right next to me. It always gets a laugh. I like to make people laugh... even if it's me that they're laughing at.

I have turned hippy. Yes. Hippy. Wait, is that Hippie? or Hippy? I don't know.. but if you write that word a few times, it doesn't really look like a real word anymore. Anyways, Hippy.. yes.. I have turned into one. Recycling, green tea, funky knitted hats, warm wooly boots.... all that I'm really missing is the extra-curricular drug use, and well, I've done my share of that in the past to make up for it now. I like being a hippy. Hippie. Hippy. Hip-EEEE. I give up. I shall now "Google-it".... (30 second time lapse).... Wikipedia has officially declared it HIPPIE. So, anyways.. that's what I am.

So, today I have determined that I am a strong hippie. I am strong because my spirit is unbreakable today. I have found kind message after kind message delivered to me all morning long.. through all different mediums... and I can't deny the truth behind them. I am blessed and thankful for today. Thank you, God, for the strength to be here day by day.. and for the ever-growing wisdom to understand your love. Please help me share it with everyone around me. Thank you for making me one strong-willed-free-loving-happy-hippie! I cannot explain how greatful I am. THANK YOU GOD!!!!

Oh.. and P.S--> Thank you for Scott and the boys. I love them all way too many times. They are a direct blessing from You, and I have to thank You every day for them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Please make them all strong-willed-free-loving and happy! (They can leave off the Hippie part if they choose) Thank You, again, God, for this beautiful Monday in October.
Your happy-hippie-daughter

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