Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yellow house lovins....

Can I just say that I love my little yellow house?! LOVE it!! I have moved a lot... lived in West, East, North and now South Knoxville, also lived in Oak Ridge, Clinton, and Karns.. all within the last hmm... 5 years?? Yeah... that's like 1.4 houses a year. (thank you Windows calculator.. I owe you my life sometimes) But, I have never loved a house so much. Maybe it's the hours upon hours that was spent putting tender love and hard work into this house. Honestly, the fact that I ENJOY leaf blowing is something in itself! This little yellow house is just the right size, it is perfectly shaded on three sides with lots of tall, wintery looking trees, and all the windows a girl could ever need. Ha! You would never know that we're only renting this perfect yellow home. We could possibly rent-to-own in the future.. but that kind of commitment sometimes scares the eyebrows off of my face. I'm working on that.
The only thing I'm not too keen on is the creepy basement. Although, I'm not even sure if it's really that creepy. Over the years I have noticed my extremely thick fear of basements, and I know exactly where that fear stems from--- MY DAD'S HOUSE. You don't know creepy basements until you've crept down the stairs to his basement. I have had a very irrational fear of them for a very, very, very long time. They generally smell bad.. like 30 year old moth balls, cobwebs, rotten wood, dirt, critters, and God knows what else. I hear noises in basements. Noises that don't sound like real things. Seriously, though, I could possibly have a phobia. Err.. yeah.. it's definately a phobia. Thanks Pops! Scott is probably tickled when I tiptoe down there.. clinching the railing, afraid to take more that 4 steps by myself. It makes me look like such a CHICK. Anyone who knows my Dad's basement would completely understand this fear of mine. I double-dog-dare-you to hang out there by yourself for atleast 3 minutes. Manage that, and you will have earned my respect for a lifetime!
Seriously, though, I love my yellow house. Thank you for being yellow and adorable... and for not being as creepy as my dad's basement.

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