Thursday, October 30, 2008


Posted September 24, 2008

Brown stuff... green goopy stuff... yellow mushy stuff... all things that should not be coming out of my nose, right? Yah... well... my nose apparently didn't get that memo. I fell asleep a few minutes ago, at my desk. It was the most pleasant thing until the cow bell rang from the swinging of the door, and a 4 year old screamed out..." There's a TREEEEE in there!!!" Yup. Welcome to my office. Can I get you anything? Wait, lemme wipe the drool off of my chin and clean up the snotty tissues that are strewn across your paperwork... here.. fill this out... I'll get you a pen... just don't mind the slime. Okay.. now can I go back to my nap? I don't think so. There's no napping when there's tapping on the glass, begging for some jolly ranchers, or a just a TASTE of a tootsie roll.. "PLEASE PLEASE can I have a tootsie roll??,"she cries. The phone rings, for the twentieth time since 1:00... and for the 19th time, it was a hang up.. please don't make me pretend to be perky if you're just going to hang up. Please. DING! The cowbell alerts me to another person at the door.. A shipment of ridiculously priced glass vases has arrived for a ridiculously priced charity event.. How are they ever going to earn a profit, I ask myself daily. I'd say that the janitor is not going to like me this weekend, when he empties the trash-can.. it's full of snotty tissues and post-it notes. (I have a tendency to doodle) I called 10 Pottery Barns across the U.S today.. I must've looked bored. Yeah.. had to order some more of those insanely priced glass vases. The lady from Anne Arbor Michigan was the nicest.. but I've made a mental note to never go to the Pottery Barn in Franklin, Tennessee, or in South Bend, Illinois. I would recommend that you do the same. I still have no hearing in my right ear.. so it is very possible that they weren't as mean as I thought they were. I'll call them back when my hearing is better, to make sure that they were in fact jerks.

I do wonder if my coworkers think that I have an addiction to chapstick. It is the only form of comfort that I have found to mend my tender nose... I feel like rubbing it all over my face. That would look odd. I'm tempted though. It's probably not a good idea.. Hi, My name is Catrina, and I am a chap-stick-o-holic. "Hi, Catrina!"

For the first time in several days, I found one benefit to having no sense of smell. The intern at the office was trying to be discreet and slipped me a note that read, "This family stinks to high heaven". You might think that she's just being cruel, but I know from previous experiences that she was being the most honest person that she knew to be. I'm glad that I got to miss that brilliant smell of month-old dirty laundry, sweat, cigarettes, bathroom, and my personal favorite: lack of showering. I guess that I should be thanking God for being sick today. Either way, I'm super glad that it's about that time to lock up, pack up, and run straight to bed. :) Thank you God. :)

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