Thursday, October 30, 2008

Complete Bliss

Posted August 1, 2008

I woke up this morning to a new feeling. I've lived a pretty full and open life, and somehow missed that feeling all along. Bliss. It was like knowing that nothing was going to hurt me, or bring me down ever again. It was equivelent to waking up in paradise, feeling the breeze touch your face, with just enough sunlight soaking your skin. No worries. Only love. I've never been hugged so tight. I've never been kissed that right. I've never looked love straight in the eye; until now. (Well, technically, I've looked in his eyes a thousand times.. hoping that I wasn't the only one who saw love. But I know now that I was not alone.)
Let me describe this man a little better... shall I? He is painfully sweet... like honey. Just think of how bees spend their whole lives to create this yummy treat.. that's how precious and fascinating it is. His sweetness. He is light and carefree. So easy to be with. He is air that I must breathe everyday. He is warm and toasty and cheery and smart. He is spunky, couragous, and thinks straight from his heart. He is talent. He has the best laugh. He makes me giggle without trying.. he makes me smile, even when he's not around. He offers everything he is to me; no questions asked. Yes, he stumbles.. he gets back up. He is not afraid. I respect him. He respects me. He is helpful; will never abandon a person in need. He steps out of his box on purpose; to see what's on the outside. He is everything that I didn't know existed. I think he may be an alien... from another universe. But I'll take it. I'll take it, and love it, and cherish every single part of it. I love him.

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