Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Decision time....

So, here's the scoop:
Let's talk about careers, shall we? My first major in school was Interior Design (what?), then Business Management (BOR-ING), Marketing (I can't sell anything to anyone), Graphic Design (never even signed up for a course), and eventually Journalism. Talk about a girl who can't make up her mind! This has all been extremely frustrating for me and has pretty much landed me a job as an Administrative Assistant answering phones and vacuuming carpets. The office that I ended up in investigates severe cases of child sexual abuse. (Does this sound like a career in Interior Design, Management, Marketing, Graphic Design, OR Journalism?) No. I held on tight to this job thinking that I would eventually be promoted to Victim Advocate. Didn't happen. So, I decided to get back into school and go ahead and get a degree since NO ONE ON THE PLANET will hire me for anything other than answering phones. It all sounded wonderful until I remembered that I STILL have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up" <-- if that ever happens. I have wasted hundreds of hours on classes that are now meaningless (textiles 1010 for instance) and I refuse to waste any more of my (precious) time taking classes that could potentially be meaningless to a future degree. Let's also talk about the value of a degree, shall we? I won't mention any names, but E you know who I'm talking about.. I have SEVERAL, no let's make that DOZENS of friends with degrees - some with MASTER'S degrees - that are unemployed/working at Target/living with Mom right now because no one will hire them. How much is a degree really worth nowadays? Is it worth the 12 hours a week that I'm spending in a lab in front of a computer? Is it worth the 4 to 5 days that I go to work at 8 am and don't come home from school until 9 pm? Is it worth only seeing my daughter for approximately 16 hours a week??? 16 HOURS!! (And 1/4 of that time she is SLEEPING)
What I'm trying to say here is that I've reached a very crucial time in my life.

I am changing my major one FINAL time to... (drum roll please).... Teaching. There will be NO - I repeat - NO changing my major after this decision is made. I figure that the education system is already screwed up enough, how could hiring me make it any worse? Ha! It's time for me to stick with something and see it through to the end. If teaching doesn't make me happy, then honestly.. what will? Sure, I would love to lay around the house, make jewelry, bake unhealthy cakes, travel the country, and sing songs about freedom.. but I wouldn't be out there making a difference to society, and by-golly that is my obligation as an American Citizen! That sounded terribly cliche, but I believe that it is true. So, starting today you are reading the blog of a future teacher! (Don't cry)
I want some feedback here, for those of you who know me pretty well.. to teach or not to teach? That is the question.


  1. I've been trying to leave a comment on this post for 24 hours. I don't have internet (currently "borrowing" it from the neighbors). UGH.

    So, this was one of those posts that really tugged at the heart strings, nay, YANKED at the heart strings. In a painful way.

    First, I want to say that despite my situation, I will forever and always value having an education. It changed me dramatically. When I think back to what I was before ... well, I wasn't anything BAD, but the ways I've changed have been quite impressive.

    An education makes you, well, SMARTER. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently. You learn methods, codes, techniques, applications, theories, and on and on that literally make you a smarter person. You increase your ability to think critically, analytically, objectively, and on and on. You expand your horizons, are better able to formulate arguments, you can support your decisions with sound, intelligent answers. Not to say that people don't have the ability to do that without an education, but let's face it, people who go to school and work hard to learn these skills are people you can TELL have it. I think you've got tons of it naturally, and wowsa, you'll be sharp as they get as you continue your educational pursuits.

    I also think of all the ways that education increased my horizon. I have a huge interest in subjects I didn't necessarily major in, but became acquainted with via college. My first photography class I took in college. I love museums and art -- totally intro generals. I love history (minored in that). I looooooooooooooooooooove grammar (though, you can't tell from that). Education makes you a better person. Plus, the pride you feel when you finished is pretty great.

    Now, in terms of picking a major ... I'm not going to lie. Unless that major is nursing or engineering, you will never convince me that anyone has job security from it. I mean, I have a Master's in government, graduated first in my class, got a perfect score on the GRE (the entrance exam to apply to graduate schools), and on and on. Look at me. I have absolutely no job and no sign of one.

    BUT, I do think that out of all the majors you dabbled in, your best bet is your current one. Teachers -- in MOST areas -- are in high demand ALL THE TIME. One of my good friends who has a Master's from a VERY prestigious university and could only get work as a bank teller, went back to school recently to get a teaching certificate. She's not making much (because no teacher makes much), but at least she has a job.

    That's the other thing -- teachers don't make hardly anything, but they do have steady work and they do have benefits. Can't beat that.
    So, yes, if you are going to go to school, I would support a teaching degree. Somethings to keep in mind: what KIND of teacher do you want to be? If you're thinking elementary ed, just know that the requirements for that are stricter and require high levels of math (I have no idea how you feel about math -- I'm just saying). I've had a lot of friends that don't want to deal with the ridiculous amount of pre-reqs and drama filled with getting an elementary ed degree, so they've majored in history or something like that and added a teaching certificate to the major. That allows them to teach in junior high and high school settings.

    Anyway, I have no idea if this was helpful. I hope so! XOXO!

  2. Wow, your little neice would love to know she has some company with what is possibly her future career. She might delve into HR, as she is having a hard time deciding, too - but her heart and soul always go back to teaching. You would be an amazing teacher, Trina. Your patient but firm and creative enough to find a way to get through to any kid. Go for it. And for the record, I am working my 43rd job and if give the choice to go back to school to finish? I would seriously consider horticulture or nutrition. We are all a work in progress. ;) PS, I moved the snoopy blog to